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  • Macfarlane Wool Tie - Green
  • Macfarlane Wool Tie - Green

Macfarlane Wool Tie - Green

$ 85.00

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To celebrate the tenth anniversary of US-based brand, Bird Dog Bay, designer and founder, Steve Mayer, paid tribute to his grandfather, Ronald MacFarlane Clarkson, with this familial tartan. This green color marks this as the MacFarlane clan’s field tartan.

This Pedigree collection features Steve's favorite designs with best in show materials and construction. These ties are made with 100% woven silk from a 300 year old English mill, then handmade and finished in the United States. Inspired by Steve’s original work, each piece boasts a pedigree that can’t be beat.

Woven in England, handmade in the USA.

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